Single Review: Molosser Crude-Twin Moons

Recently, going through Joyzine submissions, nothing has really drawn my attention too much, much of it was just fine, but nothing struck me down. A few emails got neglected for a few weeks, then a spare moment came along. It started the same way, but then for the first time in a while, I opened a link and straight away I was drawn in. This was Molosser Crude and the single ‘Twin Moons’.

The track has a fantastic dirty, bluesy bass line that gets stuck in your head as soon as you hear it. Then to top it off, drummer and singer Tess comes in, with gorgeous, powerful vocals that complete this belter of a track. It’s hard to believe that ‘Twin Moons’ is created by a duo rather than a larger piece band.

The band are from Sweden, and are an electric offshoot of acoustic band Molosser. The ‘crude’ part of their name is a good way to describe their electric incarnation. The set up is simple, a duo who manage to fill their room with their sound, two guitar amps, a bass amp and e-drums that get bashed just as hard as ‘real’ drums. They’ve named their sound as ‘hardcore stoner blues’ 

Whatever label you want to give them, I’m definitely loving what I’ve heard so far and excited to hear more from this vibrant new band. Molosser/ Molosser Crude, are the first of my bands to watch this year, as I’m sure we are going to be hearing much more from them.

‘Twin Moons’ is released 11th January via EvilEar and you can buy the song on Bandcamp

You can follow Molosser Crude via their Website/Facebook/Instagram/

Review by Hayley Foster da Silva

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