Having recently announced their fourth album Slow Violence indie-electronic trio Occurrence have given Joyzine the honour of premiering the video to their new single ‘Fudge’ on our site.

Occurrence are Ken Urban (electronics), Cat Hollyer (vocals) & Johnny Hager (vocals) and Ken from the band described to Joyzine how the song came about:

Fudge initially started life as another song. After we mixed it, we all agreed that it wasn’t working. But I knew there was something about Cat’s vocals in that track… She opened about sexual desire in a way that’s hard to do in such an honest way. I took that original vocal and built this new song around it. I did most of the work on an Amtrak train. Cause I didn’t have all my usual gear in our studio, it forced me to get creative. When I distorted the kick, I realized it created a bass line. That cracked opened the song for me. I left some of the studio chatter in because it captured Cat’s embarrassment at what she just sang. That’s the push and pull of the song. Want and fear. Desire and repulsion. But in the end, desire wins. As it always does.”

Some tracks flow into existence without issue but with others artists have to wrestle an uncooperative track out of the quicksand. In the case of ‘Fudge’ it was worth the effort and maybe that’s why it has a belligerent charm mixed in with all those low-end synth lines that feel like clenched fists pounding away. The melody is tuneful and in glorious tension with the subterranean dissonance that oozes and stomps around in the background accompanied by the bruised thud and tinny crinkle of the drum machine. Cat Hollyer’s vocals start low, full of melancholy and menace but by the end of song she is soaring into the clouds.

The video, directed by Tato Giligashvili, is all mouth, literally. Like the opening of the Rocky Horror Picture Show but with an entire section of people being fed. There are also some wonderfully surreal subtitles that sometimes match the vocals and sometimes do their own thing with lines like ‘Clouds are soft’ or ‘Get me a guitar pic’.

‘Fudge’ is taken from their forthcoming album Slow Violence which has a slated released date of April 7th. If you follow the band via their Bandcamp page you’ll be notified when it can be pre-ordered.

Occurrence socials: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | YouTube | Website

Review by Paul F Cook

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