Let me introduce you to Vee VV – “This autodidactic four-piece, carved out a niche as purveyors of blistering, taut, sometimes transgressive yet always white hot, contemporary sounding agit-noise; designed to shake the spine and open the mind. Bellicose to the last.”

Formed in Blackpool and rattling cages since the early eighties, this band in it’s various forms deserves your attention, maybe now more than ever. New single “All Your Money” will be released on 27th January 2023.

I first came across Vee VV at an Ombudsmen gig last month. I stayed for the first few tracks and was particularly impressed by bassist, and one of their longest standing members, Martin Reynolds. Martin found my e-mail address and badgered me into listening to their new single. Unfortunately for me I enjoyed it, and so here we are.

Not only did I enjoy it, but I was sucked into listening to their back catalogue on via compilation album “Payola”. And it’s impressive. If you like your music on the frantic and raw side give it a whirl. I highly recommend “Love Canal”, “Hold On”, “Cinnamon” and “Flame On”. This band must surely have paved the way for groups like The Orielles?

“Don’t Get Down” is the original version of the track Vee VV have added to, re-arranged, re-mixed and are releasing as “All Your Money”.

Don’t Get Down and Stay Down” snarls their lead singer. “They own the world and now they’ve got all your money…” It’s angry and although it may have been written in the eighties, feels right bang up to date. I asked Martin if he had anything to say about the single for this article. He said: “We would come up with a quote but we’re outside clapping Key Workers.”


Vee VV will be launching their new single on 7″ vinyl at Lions Den, Manchester on 27th January 2023.

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Review by Breige Cobane

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