This is a book for anyone who has ever gone on a search for a particular vinyl record and hunted through dusty piles to no avail. It’s also the story of the formation of a band and the ups and downs of performing to an audience, whatever size that might be. As always, it helps if you have a friend along to help in the quest.

The author, Aug Stone, is a writer, musician and comedian. He shows us all of his creative talents in the writing of this book. The idea for the story came from his time spent with a friend in record stores when he was a kid. I’m glad I wasn’t working there at the time!

The author uses plenty of word play to make the reader smile. I laughed out loud at the idea of transporting a giant pinball machine in the back of a Datsun Cherry, though this might be a reflection of my advanced age more than anything else (I used to own one, back in the day).

Usually when we go on a hunt for a piece of vinyl we know what the sleeve looks like but these lads were looking for something more ethereal. This book will also please anyone who has ever seen a live band, especially one that is newly formed and still has some rough edges. It will also speak to those of us that have watched someone on a fruitless search in a series of record stores. It may even change your mind about the dangers of pumpkin pie.

‘The Ballad Of Buttery Cake Ass will be published by Stone Soup on February 9th, in all good book and record shops.

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