Album Review: On- Self Titled

Now and again, if you dig a bit beyond the surface, you might get lucky and strike it gold, by finding a band that isn’t in the mainstream but perhaps should be. That’s how I felt when power trio ‘On’ landed in my inbox.

The band are singer and bassist Lucy Di Santo, drummer Dan Cornelius and guitarist Steve Falls. The members were once a 90’s band Acid Test and members have also been in other bands including Danko Jones. 

Listening to On’s self titled debut album, there is definitely an echo of nineties grunge to be found, especially in Lucy’s vocal, which is reminiscent of Courtney Love. But this album isn’t simply a nineties throwback. The sound is a blend of eras and genres rolled into one, rock n roll, blues, indie, grunge and even a touch of dance on the catchy ‘FLA’.

The album’s trademarks are the rough, grungy vocals and the guitar riffs, combining together to make an effortlessly cool sound. It’s atmospheric music that seems like it would be even better experienced in a live setting. My favourite track is ‘Gator’ with a chorus and riff that gets stuck in my head for days. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for a UK tour in the not so distant future!

On’s album is out now and you can buy it via Bandcamp

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Article by Hayley Foster da Silva

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