Leeds noise-punk duo Polevaulter have brought us four new slices of coruscating sounds on the Content EP. Sandpaper bass and electronic drums that seem to be belching steam like a Victorian piledriver all wrapped in a maelstrom of unsettling noises like static, clicks, cracks, squeals and venomous splashes. The vocals are like mortar fire over the top of this thunderous backing raining angry volleys of consonants and vowels down on the listener which, the band say, question “masculinity, sexuality, toxic culture, the music industry and the miserable reality of England”.

Polevaulter mix the sound of a nightclub in a steel works with a haunted fairground in an electrical storm and I imagine that live they could rattle a filling loose.

The Content EP is available as a download and CD and there is also a range of merch on their Bandcamp page.

Polevaulter socials: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | YouTube | Bandcamp | Linktree

Review by Paul F Cook

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