Orbury Common describes themselves as the ‘Bristol/Stroud cosmic bucolic electronica duo’ and ‘Constant Billy’ is the new track from their Devil Gurning EP which comes out in April. The song features Boss Morris who are a group of all-female progressive Morris dancers founded in 2005 and who most recently appeared with Wet Leg at The Brits.

The band say “this is our interpretation of a traditional Morris dancing tune… Last year we invited Boss Morris to perform at the launch of our ‘Traditional Dance’ EP. We took a tune that they usually dance to and electrocuted it for our own malicious means, and delighted as they frolicked around our floating stone maypole!

According to the Traditional Tune Archive it dates back to the 18th Century, but Orbury Common have wrapped it up in a set of fine new electronic clothes. The tune is whispered and swirled, phasing between an organ and harmonium sound and it thrums along beautifully warm and weird. It could be a field recording from a village fête, but a village in Midsummer or maybe Orbury Common are appearing as the guest band at Summerisle’s harvest festival.

‘Constant Billy’ is fantastic omen for a bountiful crop of songs to come from the Devil Gurning EP which is released through the excellent PRAH Recordings label on April 21st.

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Review by Paul F Cook

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