At Joyzine we get sent a lot of links to a lot of videos; normally frenetically cut live footage dubbed with the track, attempts at quirky or funny that raise more eyebrows than smiles and lorry loads of angry-people-leering-into-camera. So, when a great video drops into the inbox it’s a cause to break out the good biscuits, get a brew on and sit down to enjoy the experience. This was the case with the video to Immaterial Possession’s new single ‘Mercy of the Crane Folk’, a slice of folkadelic gothic-whimsy that could ignite the nearest wicker man.

The song is menacingly undulating with a Spanish twang nestling in the arrangement, and there’s some great cascading guitar lines and swooping melodies from the vocals and organ. The video plays out like a Roger Corman film – all high concept and low budget – but it packs a lot into its melodramatic 3 minutes and 51 seconds. There’s a medieval setting, a levitating banana, a man with oranges in his stockings, decaying meat, devil motifs, an animated section, and much semi-stop-frame gurning for the camera. The band say “Mercy of the Crane Folk” is a Sisyphean tale of feeding a persuasive ghost that never gets full.” “up in a tower, high above the sea, a hungry sorcerer and his sprucely dressed understudy engage in a magical ritual.. gone awry..”.

‘Mercy of the Crane Folk’ is taken from the bands forthcoming album of the same name, out on 5th May, and you can pre-order it from Bandcamp here.

Immaterial Possession socials: Facebook | Instagram | Bandcamp

Review by Paul F Cook

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