EP Review: Mediocre- To Know You’re Screwed

‘To Know You’re Screwed’ is the debut five track EP from queer West LA duo Mediocre– guitarist Piper Tomison (she/they) and bassist Keely Martin (she/her). 

This EP feels like the musical equivalent of a tub of Swizzels Sweets- the songs have a sweet, quirky, cute poppy feel throughout but with a nineties Britpop style edge. The songs sound happy but actually the lyrics are deep and thoughful. 

‘Pop Song Baby’ is about women being exploited in music with lyrics like “Go write another pop song darlin’, now that it pays to put the boys to shame’ and my personal favourite track ‘Together Together’ is about not wanting to be alone when the world is falling apart – “hey you with the platform shoes, so how about this crazy weather? We only got so much time until the waters rise so let’s spend some time together”

I love the warm, fuzzy feel of this EP and look forward to hearing more from Mediocre.

‘To Know You’re Screwed’ is out now via Dangerbird Records and is available to buy via Bandcamp

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Article by Hayley Foster da Silva

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