Album Review: The Pearl Harts- Love, Chaos

Love, Chaos is the second album from London based duo The Pearl Harts and what a corker of an album it is! I had not had the pleasure of hearing The Pearl Harts previous album from 2018, but on the first listen of Love, Chaos I fell in love with this band and their music immediately. 

This is a duo who make a lot of noise and what an awesome noise it is. The album crosses genres from rock to hip hop. There is a rock n roll swagger throughout every track. ‘Crazy as Hell’ reminds me of the glam rock style of a band like Kiss, but then on songs like ‘Hypocritical’ they are more comparable to the hip hop rock crossover stylings of Nova Twins. ‘More’ is a kick ass track that sounds like it should be on an advert!

One constant throughout this album is an incredible knack from The Pearl Harts to create insanely catchy hooks that stick in your head- “Wild Me” is one such track that wouldn’t leave my head for days, but nearly all the songs on this album have the potential to have this same effect. 

Considering the band are a duo, you can definitely imagine this as big stadium style rock, and they do cite Led Zeppelin as one of their influences and it certainly shows. The Pearl Harts are another band joining my “to watch” list and I feel like they are part of a scene I am naming the ‘new wave of grrrl rock with attitude”- joining the likes of Meisha and the Spanks and Nova Twins. The Pearl Harts are effortlessly cool, a girl gang I’d definitely want to be part of.

The Pearl Harts are Kirsty on vocals, guitar and loops, and Sara on drums Vocals and samples. The band said of Love, Chaos:

Love, Chaos’ is “a musical journey about saying goodbye to unhealthy patterns that exist in our lives…. “Love Chaos” is about realising and accepting this and forging a life beyond – as women, particularly in rock music, we have had to fight and unpick a load of history and patterns to accept ourselves as we are today.  Shake off the “good girls” we have brought up to be – but not to become “bad” to be our real, true and authentic selves – to embrace the chaos”

Love, Chaos is available now via Double Bang Records and you can buy it here

The Pearl Harts are also on your and you catch them on the following dates:


03 ST ALBANS The Horn

04 NORWICH Voodoo Daddy’s

16 LONDON The Lower Third

17 BRIGHTON The Prince Albert

18 PORTSMOUTH Edge of the Wedge

19 BRISTOL The Lanes

25 BELFAST Voodoo

26 DUBLIN, The Workmans Cellar

27 LIMERICK Kasbah

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Article by Hayley Foster da Silva

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