Artwork for KILL, THE ICON!'s 2023 single 'Heavy Heart' - a comic book-style illustration of one character kerb-stomping another

Single review: KILL, THE ICON! – Heavy Heart

KILL, THE ICON! lead singer Nishant Joshi contacted me via Twitter with this track and the above visual from their latest single ‘Heavy Heart’. The amazing illustration (drawn by Joshi) is a depiction of one of THE most brutal and upsetting murder scenes in recent cinema history. The antagonist is reversed in this scenario and of course this got my interest piqued! 

‘Heavy Heart’ is the second single from KILL, THE ICON!’s upcoming debut EP Your Anger Is Rational. Speaking about his inspiration behind the track, Joshi states:

“Many of the people in this video will be your friends, colleagues and politicians. We have to share trains, offices and restaurants with these people on a daily basis. ‘Heavy Heart’ aims a nod towards the power structures that depend on racist outcomes, as well as pointing out some of the more comical situations that the so-called Alt-Right find themselves in.”

The video is made up of visuals from the US, UK, Nazi Germany, etc and is at times a very hard watch. Don’t get me wrong, it is interspersed with incredibly satisfying images of racists and fascists being maced, punched, covered in milkshakes, etc, but there is also incredibly worrying footage of how these people like the EDL, Proud Boys, KKK, UKIP, BNP, NF, Farage, Yaxley Lennon and our own fucking government have all been given free newspaper coverage, free air time, Question Time spots and complete and utter legitimacy in the eyes of the general public for their racist and fascists views.

But what about the song?   

Well, it’s an absolute banger. It’s a song that is a rage against THE most depressing and dangerous elements of this century and the last, and it just happens to be an insanely infectious slice of driving throbbing synth and bass heavy disco electronica. It builds upon layers and all throughout has Joshi’s laid-back drawl and repetition of the track title.

But I think this is what Joshi is after. He’s not facing down fascists and racists with uncontrollable righteous fury (which is still very much welcome in my books) – what he is doing is a measured, sardonic, carefully thought out and rational stand against these forces of evil. It’s the sonic equivalent of that famous photo of Saffiyah Khan defying an EDL protester in Birmingham back in 2017.

It’s a song about courage, calmly staring down these pathetic creatures, but it’s also a warning. These forces are always there. They are often badly organised, unintelligent and irrational people, but their hate is endorsed and vindicated by highly visible right-wing commentators, right wing news channels, and our own right-wing government.

I implore everyone to watch the video, check out this track and the up-and-coming EP. I think KILL, THE ICON! are serious ones to watch. Catch them live in Brighton on 13th May.

‘Your Anger Is Rational’ is due for release with Blaggers Records on the 2nd June.

Nishant Joshi (bass, vocals, he/him)
Florin Constantin Pascu (drums, he/him)
Ian Flynn (synth, he/him)

KILL, THE ICON! Live: Arcabaleno, Brighton – 13th May

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Review by Ioan Humphreys – Twitter

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