Single Review: The Amniotics- Boomerang

The Amniotics are a little shrouded with mystery at the moment, as I found out when I asked my good friend Google to provide a little background to this band. Unfortunately with a name like ‘Amniotics’, the band is kind of hidden amongst all the references to amniotic fluid related links and even putting ‘the amniotics band’ led to no avail as I now found out that ‘amniotic band syndrome’ is a thing.

Anyway, I found a little about the band, including that they are a four piece from Ireland. Listening to single “Boomerang”, I definitely felt a riot grrrl tinge about it, and this was not surprisingly when I read that they are inspired by many things including the ‘90’s riot grrrl movement’, they also cite other influences such as Courtney Barnett and even Taylor Swift, but on this particular song I’d definitely say this was on the more riot grrl side of things.

‘Boomerang’ has a grungy, punky dirty feel to it but with a melodious hook. This is a debut single with a punch. 

The Amniotics said about the song: 

“I wrote “Boomerang” after living and working in the Dublin music scene for a while, and adapting to the quirks and frustrations of it- living in a city where there’s more hotels than affordable housing, where boys will roll you a cigarette as a flirting move, and where institutions that supposedly champion creativity and expression are collaborating with the some of the most unethical corporations in the world. As a woman in the music industry, most of the time you have no choice but to deal with what’s thrown at you and try to live with it, and, when you can, give as good as you get.”

‘Boomerang’ is out now and you can listen on Spotify

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Review by Hayley Foster da Silva

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