Rodney Cromwell is the project of musician Adam Creswell (Saloon / Arthur & Martha) and the title track from his 2022 album Memory Box has been reworked as the debut release by Solemn Arcade, the musical persona of MJ Langthorne. Joyzine has been given the privilege of premiering the track ahead of its official release on 7 June.

Whereas the original floats along with Damon Albarn-like vocals surrounded by a light drum machine beat, synthesiser swirls and melodic pops of keyboards, Solemn Arcades version adds more ballast in the form of a corrugated judder at the start and the drum machine more prominent in the mix.

The folk elements that were drifting around in the original have been amped up along and the addition of acoustic guitar adds a campfire element before layers of tremolo and fuzzed electric guitar spring up like barbed wire flowers. Like all good re-workings it stays true to the spirit of original whilst managing to be inventive and tease out new ideas; explore different sounds and take an already good track and shift it into a glorious alternate dimension.

‘Memory Box, Solemn Arcade Revision’ will be released through Adam Creswell’s label Happy Robots on 7 June.

Rodney Cromwell socials: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Bandcamp

Rodney Cromwell tour dates with Roman Angelos – tickets available via

Thu, June 8   LONDON – Servant Jazz Quarters

Fri., June 9   READING – Face Bar

Sat, June 10  COVENTRY – Just Dropped In

Sun, June 11  TORMODEN – The Golden Lion

Review by Paul F Cook

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