Album Review: Dream Wife- Social Lubrication

Social Lubrication is the fantastically titled third album by London based rock queens Dream Wife. This album is an excellent feminist call to arms. Title track ‘Social Lubrication’ is a protest against our patriarchal society- lyrics include “What’s it like to be a woman in music, dear? You’d never ask me that if you regarded me as your peer”. Also one of my personal favourite tracks ‘Leech’ which starts with spoken word and works up into a glorious feminist rage worthy of repeat listens.

I love that this album feels very much Riot Grrrl inspired both musically and topically. At times I very much felt like ‘Social Lubrication’ sounded like a wonderful blend of Bikini Kill and the poetic stylings of Patti Smith, angry and ready to smash the patriarchy to pieces. But other moments had a cheeky, tongue in cheek vibe about it, like the song “Hot (Don’t Date a Musician)” There are even songs you can dance to, and slower, almost ballad-like tracks, so a little something for everyone.

Social Lubrication’ is out now and you can buy it through Bandcamp

Dream Wife are currently on tour through the UK in record stores, so if you fancy catching them live, you can see them on the following dates:

June 12th at Banquet in Kingston on Thames
June 13th at Resident Records in Brighton
June 14th at Rough Trade East in London

July 9th TRNSMT in Glasgow

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Review by Hayley Foster da Silva

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