EP Review: Girls Like Us- Bitter ’til the Bitter End

Girls like Us are a London based trio whose music recently landed in our inbox here at Joyzine. ‘Bitter ’til the Bitter End’ is their debut EP.

‘Bitter till the Bitter End’ is a 7 track long angry, riotous EP filled with heavy guitar riffs, big rock n roll finishes and a large dose of attitude. Don’t expect mellow songs here, this is all about the rage, and turning everything up to 11. The majority of this EP is heavy and punky- such as ‘My Boyfriend Was A Tory (So I Broke Up With Him) and ‘Song of the Wytches’. ‘Spoon Fed’ and ‘Toothache’ slow the pace a little, but heavy riffage still prevails. This is not an EP for the faint hearted. Gritty and real, grungy and dark, this is an EP with a punch.

Girls Like Us are Amelia on vocals and bass, Jaz on guitar and Yusuf on drums.

‘Bitter Til the Bitter End’ is available now from Bandcamp

Catch Girls Like Us live on the following dates:

30/6 The Chambers, Folkestone

04/08 Rebellion Fest, Blackpool

11/08 Pride: The Wastelands, Margate

For more dates and to follow Girls Like Us- Facebook/ Twitter/Instagram

Review by Hayley Foster da Silva

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