The excellently named I Am A Rocketship (because let’s face it who wouldn’t want to be a rocket ship) are the Atlanta-based alt-pop duo of multi-instrumentalist Eric Weissinger and Swedish vocalist L E Kippner, and the band have been kind enough to give Joyzine the chance to listen to their brand new single ‘Gravity’ before its official release on 11 July.

‘Gravity’ is a gently warm song that defies its title by floating on thermal currents, achieving buoyancy through gently pulsing bass lines, splashes of piano and the subtle breeze of Kippner’s elegantly soft vocals. Carefully placed guitar offers lens flare moments from the chord stabs at the start to the thoughtful melodic guitar solo in the middle eight. This is a lesson in the underrated art of restraint, it’s a laidback Goldilocks of a track that hit the sweet spot to make it ‘just right’.

L E Kippner told Joyzine that the track is about “allowing yourself to trust someone to catch your fall but it’s also about letting go” and Eric Weissinger says “It’s an end-of-summer song. Kind of groovy but a little melancholy. I was trying to channel a bit of Steely Dan and some The War on Drugs here.

‘Gravity’ comes from the forthcoming album La Cruella which is released on 4 August and can be pre-ordered from their Bandcamp page. You can also see the video to their previous single ‘Do You Feel Good’ below the lyrics. It’s a song about “how people transform into their perceived personas – from folks wanting to dress like Instagram influencers when they travel, to politicians creating fictional back stories“.

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Don’t remember me
Through I know that you want to Like a falling star
Always gone, always gone too far

You had to be mine
My heartbeat
My gravity

Falling into space
Out of place, into your arms Look down from on high
What I know, what you never saw

Here in a moment
A moment
I made my choice

I’ll float forever
Forever, hearing your voice

Wait for
The morning
The night will remember me

You had
To be mine
My heartbeat, my gravity

Review by Paul F Cook

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