Album Review: Annie Taylor- Inner Smile

‘Inner Smile’ is the second album from Annie Taylor, who despite the name, are actually a four piece band from Switzerland and none of them are actually called Annie. They released their debut back in 2020 and have been highly active since then, including supporting Skunk Anansie on their 2022 tour.

This album has a title that really suits the content, as listening to ‘Inner Smile’, I felt like this was the perfect album to chill out to on a warm summer’s day. There’s a laid back feel to the sound, with plenty of sweet vocals and dreamy indie rock on songs like ‘Sister’ and ‘Moving Too Fast’. However, there’s also a heavier, rockier sound on other tracks like ‘Love is Blind’ and the much angrier song ‘Fucking Upset’. They blend these different emotions and sounds perfectly to concoct something refreshing and new.

‘Inner Smiler’ is out now through Taxi Gauche Records, you can purchase via Bandcamp

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Review by Hayley Foster da Silva

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