Upon hearing that a sparkling new EP from London-based musician Louisa has just been released, Joyzine went to investigate. For those who have not come across Louisa before, she focuses upon electro-chill indie pop and her music carries very distinctive vocals. Also, she donates all profits to charity. All sales of this latest release are going to a local school. So, how did the EP come about?

Louisa: ‘My mother had a degenerative illness for many years and the last two have been the most excruciating for everyone involved. Writing this body of work was a way of releasing all of the mixed emotions I had been dealing with for the longest time, largely in secret, and the songs helped me to come to terms with what was inevitable. Her death took me to some very dark places but also helped me realise the importance of seizing the day and healing myself. The soundscapes came quickly last winter, closely followed by the lyrics. ‘Ariadne’ (in a slower more ethereal style) was first to arrive. She’s had a makeover for the EP. I wanted to evoke a similar kind of vibe to ‘Bat for Lashes’. I really like her work. The whole EP was written within 4 months at my home studio, usually very late at night. The final tweaks, mix and master were managed by my good friend James Cunningham’.

The (almost thirteen and a half minute) EP begins with ‘Damn Bad Dream’. Musical events begin with a catchy, upbeat synth intro, accompanied by a thumping bass drum. As always, Louisa’s vocals are powerful and beautifully clear. This retro synth feel is carried on into ‘Ariadne’, with dreamy riffs, a heavy synth bass (that would happily turn the head of 80’s icon Harold Faltermeyer, happily reminding me of my old Yamaha DX7) and a steady electro beat.The pace lessens slightly with ‘Cavalry’, with more of an orchestral intro and a gloriously laid back feel of consuming exotic cocktails on a faraway beach, while being carried to a happy place, being completely lost within the music. The EP culminates with ‘Momento Mori (Flowers in the Field)’. Cool percussive elements start proceedings and maintain a steady, driving rhythm throughout the song, blended perfectly with Louisa’s lilting vocals. Altogether, a cracking EP with subtle blends of musical prowess and excellent production.

So, what lies next for Louisa, after this new release?
Louisa: ‘Last summer I began work on what could be described as an Indie rock album with some other good friends of mine. We will be releasing a few singles from that over the next six months. I can’t disclose too much about that yet. You can also expect some more dance type tracks to be released. I like both the light and the shade! ‘A little closer’ by Canada based Al Stein and myself drops at the end of August. It is irritatingly catchy’.
All of this sounds very good indeed! Literally. Keep an eye on Louisa’s journey, for she possesses incredible talent and an immense charitable heart.  

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Review by Kevin J Milsom

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