Single Review: Katie MF- Work Drinks

‘Work Drinks’ is the new single from London based singer/songwriter Katie MF. The song is a fun, catchy, singalong song but beneath the seemingly light heartedness lies angry scathing lyrical content.In this song, Katie MF tackles feminist issues of dealing with sexism and social expectations of a woman. Musically, the style is comparable to artists like Courtney Barnett. The sound does not tick a specific genre box, but crosses over rock, pop, indie, and punk.

Katie MF has been playing music since 2017, and released her debut EP ‘Learning to Live’ in 2018. She has shared stages with the likes of Frank Turner-and she has even been dubbed “the female version of we didn’t know we needed’. She has noted the singer as one of her musical influences as well as Bruce Springsteen, Brandi Carlile and Bright Eyes.

Katie MF is releasing her debut album proper this September 15th ‘False Starts, Open Endings’ . The album promises to bring more of her protest rock – not afraid to tackle topics such as UK Politics.

‘Work Drinks’ is out now via Lockjaw Records and you can buy the song from Bandcamp

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Article by Hayley Foster da Silva

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