Single Review: Femegades- Depleted

‘Depleted’ is the latest single from Femegades. The song touches on a topic that isn’t typically associated with punk rock, but will be very relatable for many- the struggles of motherhood. On the single’s press release, they say: “There is a pressure placed upon women to savour every aspect of motherhood, even though the reality of non-stop mental and physical hardship often leads many mothers to burn out. Despite this, it’s a subject that is still regarded as taboo, with society placing unrealistic expectations on mothers who ’should just be happy’.”

The song itself is a melodic catchy punk rock tune that is very likeable, and bound to get stuck in your head. It’s energetic and on a superficial listen, it’s easy to miss the true depth of it’s subject matter. But when you truly listen, you hear the sadness in the lyrics, such as in this verse “Lingers over me, Like a dark cloud, No rain will ever dissipate, Knew this was a change ,But not one so deep within my brain” Often motherhood is talked about in a more positive, celebrationary manner but this song is not afraid to explore feelings that can often be behind closed doors for new mothers. The reality is that postnatal depression can affect one in ten new mothers.

The London based band are no strangers to be confrontational with their music, their ep that came out last year was even ironically titled ‘Not All Men’. Previous songs have touched on subjects including consent and sexism. For more information and help with Postnatal depression, visit the NHS website and the mental health charity Mind has also lots of useful information.

‘Depleted’ is out now and is available on Bandcamp

You can catch Femegades live on the following date:

Wed, 27 September at Katzpace – London

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Article by Hayley Foster da Silva

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