Single Review- Havvk- Expiry

Havvk are a feminist indie rock band, based in Ireland. Back in 2014 Havvk started as the solo project of singer Julie Hawk, before eventually becoming a trio. Matt Harris joined as guitarist alongside Sam Campbell taking up drumming duties. The band have released a few eps, and an album ‘Cause and Effect’ in 2019. They have had positive coverage from the likes of The Guardian and The Line of Best Fit. Spotify and Apple Music have also included Havvk in their playlists.

The band went on the road in 2019 with their ‘Drawn Together’ tour. This tour was unique, in the sense not only did they pick local bands to play with each city, but also made sure to work with inclusive venues, promoters and collectives who support women and non binary artists. They said about the tour -“We wanted to do something that made a statement about how the industry can change if enough people decide it. There’s not a shortage of female and non-binary acts out there but the infrastructure to promote them is flimsy – the default on most line ups is still white male.” The tour brought together over 50 female and non binary artists.

This strong passion continues in their latest release ‘Expiry’ According to singer Julia- “Expiry is about pushing back against the idea that the milestones of your life should be affixed to a certain age, and the joy of realising that you can shake these shackles off once you know they are a social construct. It’s about ageing as gracefully or ungracefully as you want, giving a middle finger to any expectations on how you should dress or behave, and particularly for me, enjoying being in a band and understanding new parts of my personality the older I get”.

Musically, the song invokes the attitude and shoutiness of punk bands like Petrol Girls while also summoning the pop rock stylings of a band like Paramore. The opposing softness and hardness of the track, makes ‘Expiry’ a really memorable track that you’ll want repeat listens of. I’m loving the activism and ethos behind the band which makes it even more appealing.

‘Expiry’ is out now via Veta Records

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Article by Hayley Foster da Silva

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