Video Premiere: The Dead Zoo- Hoover Damned

It’s with great pleasure, that Joyzine are happy to present another video premiere for you. This time we get to introduce you to the latest video from London band The Dead Zoo.

The video is to go with their latest single out today, “Hoover Damned” The song is a dreamy indie pop rock delight that is comparable to Ash, and a dash of 90’s shoegaze. The atmosphere of the song to me, has a nostaglic summer feel. The video itself is as if it’s been recorded on a camcorder, only highlighting that feeling of reminiscence further.

Keyboardist and vocalist Somrata Sarakar says ‘Hoover Damned’ started life as “a throwaway instrumental backing track that Kaoru recorded for a Christmas video. We found it infuriatingly catchy and started playing around with it in the studio as it evolved over a few months into the raw ingredients of the song it is today.” She goes on “that’s when we realised we had a TUNE. It’s nagging AF. A real ear worm”

“I wanted to write about a world where women are as free to make mistakes and walk away as men traditionally have,” says singer and guitarist Kaoru. “The narrator of the song is a proxy for me,” she continues, “a ‘Mary Sue’ unencumbered by a sense of doubt, barrelling from one mess to another like a comet blazing through the solar system then catapulting away into free space”.

The single also has an awesome ‘B Side’, the beautiful ‘Pebbles’. Another gorgeous dreamy track, that will conjure images of the beach and summer days in your mind.

Having seen The Dead Zoo performing earlier this year supporting Miesha and the Spanks, and now this great single, I’m looking forward to hearing more.

The band are having a ‘Hoover Damned’ Single release show tomorrow at Walthamstow Trades.

‘Hoover Damned’ is out today via Rock Noir Recordings and you can buy it here

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Article by Hayley Foster da Silva

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