Black Mekon are back with the single ‘WC Bronx’, and Birmingham’s finest dynamic duo are gassed up and ready to race like a George Barris custom car that spits fire and burns rubber down to the rims. They’ve spent their time away locked in the garage to give their sound brand new suspension so they can ride in on heavy duty shock absorbers which accommodate the boom-boom-bap of the big beat influence on the new album.

Booming drums and vinyl scratching are the backing for their trademark fuzzed guitar and megaphone delivery, and the only pause comes from a wheezing prison harmonica scraping in half way through. If ‘WC Bronx’ is anything to go by, the forthcoming album NEAT! is shaping up to be one of my albums of the year, and the Brothers Mekon are taunting superstition by releasing their 13th album on Friday 13th October. I look forward to carrying it home from the record shop looking out for black cats, walking under ladders and breaking mirrors.

You can pre-order the album NEAT! via the PNKSLM website and the Black Mekon Bandcamp page, and if you’re quick you can pick up the limited edition purple/transparent cloudy 12” vinyl or you can head to Rough Trade for their exclusive cloudy blue vinyl variant.

Black Mekon socials: Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Bandcamp | Spotify | Apple Music 

Review by Paul F Cook

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