Album Review- CLT DRP- Nothing Clever, Just Feelings

‘Nothing Clever, Just Feelings’ is the second album from Electro Punk noisemakers CLT DRP. If you haven’t heard this Brighton based feminist, queer band yet like I hadn’t until now, then you really ought to. As soon as I heard their music, I was straight away struck with how original it was. I can honestly say this is the most original album I have heard all year.

I’m not typically a dance music fan, but CLT DRP go far beyond dance and electronica. This album also encompasses punk, riot grrrl, experimental and rap. This mash up of genres creates music so unique that it will appeal to a wide range of music fans. However if you want something gentle and mild to the ears, then this band and this album are probably not for you.

‘Nothing Clever, Just Feelings’ is in no way a simple relaxing album. The music is dark, noisy and alive with electric energy. Atmosphere runs supreme, especially on the album’s title track and on song ‘Only One’. ‘Nothing Clever Just Feelings’ the single could draw some comparisons to The Prodigy. ‘Only One’ is a song that wouldn’t sound out of place on an epic film soundtrack, with it’s whispery vocals and powerful drums. This is an album to move you in a multitude of ways. It will certainly make you dance with it’ s beats such as on ‘M.U.T.M’ but also move you with the emotions behind the songs. For instance in song ‘New Boy’ with lyrics such as ‘I only scream about sex, Because I’m desperate for a connection”

CLT DRP are an exciting band making waves on the feminist music scene and beyond. If you want to listen to something fresh and empowering, I recommend you check them out!

‘Nothing Clever Just Feelings’ is released tomorrow- September 8th and is available to pre order now on their Bandcamp

If you want to catch CLT DRP live, they are playing on the following dates:

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Article by Hayley Foster da Silva

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