Album Review: Katie MF- False Starts, Open Endings

‘False Starts, Open Endings’ is the debut album from London based singer/songwriter Katie MF. Katie has already been getting well known on the DIY punk scene for her live shows and comparisons have been made between her and Frank Turner.

This album is an upbeat ride with many catchy choruses. However that is not to say the lyrical content is light, it’s very autobiographical and deep. ‘Lucky MF’ is all about a freak car accident where a chunk of metal dislodged from the central reservation and flew through Katie’s windscreen, narrowly missing her head. Other topics she touches on include friendship, past relationships and the joy of music.

You can clearly hear why there has been comparisons to Frank Turner, as Katie’s approach to music has a very similar attitude- of punk and protest. Vocally I would say she has a similar rough edge to her voice to Courtney Barnett. The sound is a mix of punk, folk, and rock.

‘False Starts, Open Endings’ is released 15th Sept via Lockjaw Records, you can pre order on Bandcamp

You can catch Katie MF Live on the following dates:

16th Sept- Album Launch Party at Signature Brew, London

18th Sept- Signature Brew, London

Follow Katie MF- Facebook/Instagram/Twitter

Article written by Hayley Foster da Silva

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