Album Review: Electric Six-Turquoise

‘Turquoise’ is amazingly, the fifteenth studio album from fun dance rock pioneers Electric Six. Avid followers of the band will know that typically the band have been extremely hardworking, bringing out an album every year. Except this time. This time there was a five year wait. ‘Turquoise’ was started back in January 2020, and I think we all know what happened in that year by now. So inevitably, work on the album got delayed. ‘Turquoise’ was completed in the end by 2022, but in order to coincide with an U.S tour, the release date was postponed until this year.

So it has arrived and what are my expectations from an Electric Six album? Showmanship, music to party to, a high dose of silliness. I believe ‘Turquoise’ does have all these elements but also more. Admittedly, I am not up to speed on the Electric Six back catalogue. The last album I had was their debut ‘Fire’. I had sort of let them slip by until I had the opportunity to review one of their live gigs last year. Honestly, their gig was my favourite I went to last year- so entertaining, so fun, it completely renewed my interest in them. So when ‘Turquoise’ landed in my inbox, I was very excited and interested to hear it.

‘Turquoise’ was deeper and had more layers than I had maybe expected. While there is definitely some party rock vibes and silliness- ‘Staten Island Ass Squad’- surely scores silly points for the song title alone. This album shows there is more than party rock to Electric Six. ‘Units of Time’ has a bluesy, country feel, ‘Child of Hunger’ feels like a homage to 80’s hair metal, and ‘Born to be Ridiculed’ takes on an fifties style rock n roll influence. Nobody can say these guys are an one trick pony.

Don’t worry, there is definitely enough party pop vibes if you’re looking for your fill. ‘Hot Numbers on the Telephone’ is a sparkly, upbeat track you can dance to. ‘Panic Panic’ is an energetic singalong, ‘Take Me to the Sugar’ provides some disco funk. I think it’s fair to say, most tastes are catered for on this album. This album really shows what makes Electric Six such a likeable band. They are true entertainers, and they want to make sure everybody gets included in their party.

Turquoise’ is available to download now, but the CD release is on October 13th. You can buy the album here

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Article by Hayley Foster da Silva

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