Album Review: Peach- Self Titled

PEACH are a Bristol based four piece and they have just released their self titled debut album. The band have already been receiving positive attention from the press, with the likes of Radio One and BBC Radio Wales championing them. They have also been the support act for bands like CLT DRP, Mclusky and Crows.

Musically, a lot of very cool comparisons have been made. Daniel P Carter from the Radio One Rock show said this: “They come across like a fuzzing, propulsive ball of pissed off energy, with a soul at the centre of it all. If you were a fan of the Dope, Guns N’ Fucking In The Streets compilation albums, and love the idea of those scrapping with Amyl & The Sniffers with shades of Dry-era PJ Harvey, then you’ll love PEACH.”   On their press release, they have also been cited as being for fans of Queens of the Stone Age and IDLES. PEACH have been labelled ‘desert rock’ and ‘noise rock’.

Just to throw another comparison into that hot mix, I would say that listening to this album, the band that came into my mind was 90’s band Daisy Chainsaw. I felt a strong, heavy grunge influence. I loved the sweet but darks vocals and big guitar riffs that featured heavily across the album.

This album is a very promising start to a band that I am sure we will be hearing much more from very soon.

PEACH is available now and you can get it on the band’s Bandcamp

PEACH are playing live on the following dates:

4th October- The New Cross Inn, London

5th October- The Hope and Ruin, Brighton

You can find the band on the following platforms: Instagram/Facebook

Article by Hayley Foster da Silva

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