‘Yoko’ is the second release from Ghost Woman’s forthcoming album Hindsight is 50​/​50 out in November.

From the moment the guitar kicked in my mind flashed up the image of a sleek muscle car driving through deserted streets at night with neon glinting off chrome and blacked out windows. Evan Uschenko’s compulsive guitar riff sounds like steel bridge cables being played with a concrete plectrum and the power of Ille van Dessel’s playing evokes heavy construction work rather than drums. There are sonic pyroclastic explosions throughout including something that sounds like two trains carrying dynamite train in a head-on collision two thirds of the way through.

Vocals are low-slung and hang back in the mix, working as a great counterpoint to the musical mayhem. Played loud enough your kids would end up with ringing in their ears.

Hindsight is 50​/​50 is released through Full Time Hobby on 24 November 2023.

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Review by Paul F Cook

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