Album Review: Emily Wolfe-The Blowback

‘The Blowback’ is the third solo album from American rock musician Emily Wolfe. Emily has been releasing music since 2012, but her relationship with music goes even further back. At five years old she started playing guitar, and also started learning the drums at an early age. In her college days, she started doing live performances. This woman has music in her DNA.

Emily has had success on both sides of the Atlantic. In her home country, she has received support from MTV, Wall Street Journal and NPR among others. Here in the UK, her 2020 album ‘Outlier’ was labelled a ‘triumph’ by The Guardian. She has also performed at Glastonbury, Isle of Wight and Reading and Leeds festivals. She cites Alanis Morissette, Hole and Nirvana as influences on her music.

‘The Blowback’ is an album that will appeal to any true rock lover. This album really showcases the depth of Emily’s talent. One of my personal favourite tracks is ‘Walk in My shoes’. It immediately appeals to my feminist heart when it kicks off with the slogan ‘My Body, My Choice’ being yelled. Then it becomes a song that needs to be a hit in the rock clubs-it’s a ‘proper banger’ as they say. The feminist message is throughout the song with lyrics like ‘Cleaning up the mess from 1950’s decay, America the Great, where men decide your fate, break out of the cage, you’re in the devil’s parade’. Emily is a vocal feminist, speaking up about issues of gender equality and stereotypes. Emily has said this about song, ” It was born out of protests my wife and I went to against all of these anti-trans and anti-LGBTQIA+ laws being passed in Texas. I wanted to make a piece of art that combatted all of these ideas about women not having control over their own bodies. The only way I could fight those beliefs was through music. It’s groovy, upbeat and aggressive, since I wanted the fight against oppression to stick in your head.”

Another stand out track for me is ‘Road to Ruin’ which has a dark, Rock Goddess energy- with a killer guitar riff. The music is multifaceted, as ‘High Crime’ has a sultry, bluesy feel- that sounds fitting of a film soundtrack. ‘Can I read your mind lover’ is very dreamy and has a slight 80s vibe about it. Other songs across the album feature pop punk influences as well as more classic rock.

I love what Emily has said about why she chose the title ‘The Blowback’ -“It is because a lot of the songs are about not taking bullshit anymore. I guess I could say it more elegantly, but it’s how I feel. From global issues, national problems and interpersonal relationships, it’s a big middle finger to everything. This album is something I needed to do for myself. I’m really proud of it and it’s the most connected I’ve ever felt to a body of work.” She also said this about the album- “When you listen to this, I want you to feel empowered. If something harms or oppresses you, stand up against it. I’ve overcome a lot. I’m not afraid to display my feminine rage anymore – especially on stage. I’ve grown up spiritually, emotionally and mentally. I believe I have a lot to offer, and I’m ready for whatever comes next.”

What can I say Emily, but YES YES YES!

If you would like to support LBTQ+ people, you can donate and support the following charities:


LGBT Foundation

Black Trans Alliance


‘The Blowback’ is available now via Crows Feet records, you can buy via Emily’s Bandcamp

Emily Wolfe will be supporting The Gaslight Anthem on tour early next year, the dates in the UK are:

8.03.24  GLASGOW (UK) Academy
21.03.24  SHEFFIELD (UK) Academy
22.03.24  MANCHESTER (UK) O2 Apollo
23.03.24  WOLVERHAMPTON (UK) Civic Hall
25.03.24  LONDON (UK) Roundhouse
26.03.24  LONDON (UK) Roundhouse

You can find Emily Wolfe on the following social media channels: Instagram/Facebook/Twitter

Article by Hayley Foster da Silva

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