EP Review: Bex- Scum

‘Scum’ is the debut EP from Guildford rocker BEX. BEX’s music started off as a bedroom project in 2020, before she decided to pick up the Bass and record rock cover versions for Instagram. Over the years, her following has built and built, she now has an impressive 41.5K followers on there and has garnered many on other social media channels too. She has collaborated with electro duo Wargasm, and organised live streams with Live Nation and eMusic.

BEX has been gaining a positive reputation, with Distorted Sound Magazine saying ‘The new wave of punk is here, and BEX is proudly leading the way.” Her music has also had support from Spotify, Apple Music, Kerrang! Radio and Amazon music among others.

‘Scum’ is a punchy EP that launches BEX as a firecracker of attitude. ‘Filfy’ and ‘Trust No One’ are hybrids of metal, punk and dance. ‘Chained into my Brain’ dips into rap and ‘Spy d4 King’ is a heavy assault on the ears. She cites System of a Down and Rage Against the Machine amongst her influences, which makes sense on hearing the genres she mashes together.

This is what BEX said about the EP BEX: “SCUM is a representation of my life, my emotions, my suppressed feelings. It is an EP to join everyone as one. When writing SCUM I felt alone. Now it’s here, it’s here to bring us together, to remind us we live in the same world, we face similar battles, we are fighting the same war. SCUM represents US.”

BEX has some tour dates coming up this week:

01 November        London           The Black Heart    

02 November        Birmingham    Dead Wax       

03 November        Manchester    Zombie Shack      

04 November        Glasgow         Nice n Sleazy     

‘Scum’ is available now via Scruff of the Neck and you can buy it here

You can find BEX on Social Media in the following places: Instagram | Facebook | Twitter | TikTok

Article by Hayley Foster da Silva

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