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At Joyzine we’re always looking for new artists, events and releases to feature on our website and radio show and we welcome submissions from artists, labels, promoters and agencies.  

Whilst our primary focus is on new and independent music, we also cover art, theatre, film, literature, comedy and events with a similar ethos of creativity, experimentation and a DIY spirit.

We have a policy of only featuring work that we enjoy or find interesting (hence Joyzine) and do not write ‘bad’ reviews as we feel that our time is better spent on covering things that excite and interest us.

Joyzine is run by a small group of passionate music & arts fans and receives hundreds of review requests every week.  As such it is not always possible for us to respond to every enquiry, for which we apologise.

How to Submit Your Work for Review


Email Joyzine Editor Paul Maps:
Where possible, please include an example of your work, whether it be an MP3, streaming audio link, a photo or scan of your artwork, a video clip or a text extract.
Please note we regularly receive more than 100 review requests per day and whilst we listen to all submissions you may not get a response unless your music is featured on our website or radio show.
Other Media
Please contact our sub-editors

Film: Helen –
Art: Melanie –
Theatre: Byron –

Everything Else:

If you are a writer, photographer or artist who would like to join the Joyzine team, please follow this link for more information.

Social Media:

You can also interact and keep up to date with what’s going on at Joyzine by liking, befriending and following us on our social media pages.


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