Video of the Day: Deux Furieuses – Are We Sexy Enough?

Anyone who’s heard their previous singles ‘Can We Talk about This?’ and ‘The Party of Shaitaan’ will be familiar with the intense righteous fury that burns at the heart of post-punk duo Deux Furieuses’ music, and while their third single ‘Are We Sexy Enough?’ takes a gentler, slower pace than its break-neck predecessors, there’s no attempt to tone down the bilious outrage in the lyrics.  Taking on the conflicting pressures placed on girls, both within the music industry and in wider society, and the subject of rape in literal and metaphorical senses, this is one of the rawest, most direct tracks you’ll hear all year and makes for a vital and necessarily uncomfortable listen.

Watch the video for ‘Are We Sexy Enough?’ below:

‘Are We Sexy Enough?’ is available now through digital outlets. /

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