Ziggi Jadovsky guests on The Joyzine Radio Show + Soccer Six Special

Ahead of her EP launch at Brixton Windmill, Ziggi Jadovski joins us in the studio for a live session.

We’ll also have our usual round-up of the latest independent releases and gigs, including a look forward to Sunday’s Soccer Six festival, which Joyzine will be taking part in.

Tune in from 7-9pm at www.croydonradio.com & get involved on the shoutbox or catch the podcast from Thursday morning onwards.

The podcast of last week’s show with special guests Marksmen is available to stream or download here: http://croydonradio.com/podcast/show.php…

Here’s the playlist:

Eighteen Nightmares at the Lux – Asphyxia
Love Buzzard – Wild
Mourning Birds – Oh Yeh!
The Midnight Barbers – Damascus
Perhaps Contraption – I Am I
The Brothers of Mothershovel – Shell Life
The 150 Friends Club – Human (aka Man’s Lot)
Horse Party – Paydirt
Here Are the Young Men & Uncle Peanut – This Is Wot We Call Music
Mike Krol – Neighbourhood Watch
The Marksmen – Onside
LA FEMME – Nous Etions Deux
Bridport Dagger – Lyra
Hands Of Kanellos – Wolves Choir
The Coathangers – Trailer Park Boneyard
Sonic Youth – Drunken Butterfly
Wire – Comet
The Marksmen – Geisha
Deerhoof – The Perfect Me
Cowtown – Ghostwave
Kagoule – Glue
Le Butcherettes Official ft. Iggy Pop – La Uva
Archie and The Bunkers – I’m Not Really Sure What I’m Gonna Do
Batteries – Human Requirements
Barrence Whitfield & The Savages – Incarceration Casserole
Eternal Summers – Together or Alone
Youth Man – Pigs
Ziggi Jadovsky – 9 Years

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