Comedy Review: Emily Heller – Good for Her

Emily Heller is a comedian & writer who has appeared on Conan, Comedy Central, Chelsea Lately, @midnight as well as co-hosting the Baby Genius podcast.

Good For Her is Heller’s debut live comedy album and is, to use her own quote; “taken from 7 years’ worth of material”. I love discovering new stand-up comedy and I was pleased to see the release of a live comedy album. It doesn’t seem like comedy albums are made enough these days, well certainly in the UK anyway. Anyway, to set the scene: I’M READY FOR THIS. I enjoyed Heller’s affable personality and honest delivery, she addresses the audience as if you just happen to be hanging out round hers. I particularly liked her talk of not wanting children, she’s 29 now, and other people telling her she’ll change her mind in a few years; “People say just you wait, you’re gonna’ turn 35 and want those kids. Apparently I’m a Transformer. I’m gonna’ turn 35 and gonna’ want those kids… I’d rather be a truck or a robot or one of those other things.”

There are some great short, sharp one-liners from Heller which I think are my favourite bits of her comedy; “people say crazy things to you when you’ve been single for a while. At least if you’re a woman anyway, I think if you’re a man they just talk to you like you’re a person.”

Heller riffs on a range of topics; hot women, public transportation, being single, Frasier, dying alone, feminism and more. I chuckled smugly when Heller referred to non-feminist women as “mortal”. I prefer it when Heller gets stuck into those meatier topics, but she’s just as entertaining when rating her sister’s female cats attractiveness; “a 10”. Good For Her is an enjoyable listen, accessible and light-hearted material for the most part with stamp-sized moments of dark but I happen to love the dark side.

Good For Her is available to buy from November 13 on Kill Rock Stars.

Listen to an excerpt of the album here:

Review by Jo Overfield

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