EP Review: Actual Crimes – 5 Songs

Actual Crimes are angry, frustrated, pissed off with society and want to let people know. 5 Songs is simply that, a quintet of tunes ‘mostly about intersections of class, gender, sexuality and trauma.’

Part of a thriving punk scene, the London trio – Kirsty Fife, Ruth Mair and Aaron Batley – make fumbling lo-fi noisy tunes that bristle with attitude and visceral defiance. Whether it’s the raw vocals on ‘We Shouldn’t Be Friends’, tumultuous riffs on ‘Scene Screamer’, queercore stunner ‘When You Die I Will Like You’, the thrash of ‘Trash’, or slow but not relaxed ‘I’m Getting Better’ this is an EP that blisters and thrusts, and never apologises for it.

Review by Francesca Baker

Listen to 5 Songs here:


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