Video of the Day: The Indelicates – Beyond The Radio Horizon

The Indelicates’ sensational new album Elevator Music is out now; an ambitious concept album telling the story of the internet as it develops a consciousness grows weary of mankind’s inane babbling and sets off for the silence beyond the radio horizon – the point in space beyond which the laws of physics dictate that it would be impossible to receive any transmission sent from earth since the invention of radio.

If that all sounds a little obtuse, fear not, there’s a real soul and warmth running throughout the album as the net’s fears, frustrations and hopes are given life by the soaring guitars, delicate keys and girl-boy vocals.

The level of ambition doesn’t end with the music itself either.  The band have produced a wide range of limited edition accompaniments, from artwork, patches and badges through to a full colour illustrated book telling the story of the album. And they’ve saved something a little extra special for the music videos, creating fully interactive virtual reality worlds for their creations, created with the tech-nerds’ VR kit of choice Oculus Rift, but just as enjoyable with Google Cardboard (literally just a cardboard box with some eye-holes cut in that you can fold around your phone), or on your laptop by scrolling with the mouse.

Check it out in the latest track to be unveiled, the sumptuous driving prog-rock of ‘Beyond The Radio Horizon’:

Find out more about the album and get your copy at

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