The Joyzine Advent Calendar – Day 15 of free downloads from our favourite artists

We’re up to day 15 of free music downloads on The Joyzine Advent Calendar, and with just ten days to go until the big day, we thought we’d share this wonderfully odd festive image with you – nothing says Christmas more than Santa Claus cycling through the snow on a penny farthing whilst brandishing a sprig of holly and being chased by his reindeer as a bemused rabbit looks on.


Today’s Advent Calendar track comes from Irish singer-songwriter and poet Kevin Nolan, who as well as working on a follow up to his debut LP Fredrick & The Golden Dawn this year, has also been the subject of a forthcoming documentary titled Hum which looks into his life and work.  Kevin was diagnosed in his early twenties with schizo-affective disorder, a condition which he describes as an “unhappy marriage of schizophrenia and bi-polar disorder,” and the film, directed by Nathan Fagan and currently in production following a succesful Indiegogo funding campaign, looks into the impact that this his had on his work.

For today’s free download, Kevin has provided us with a live version of ‘Drowning’, recorded at the Axis Theatre in Dublin.  The original version can be found on his debut album.

Download ‘Drowning (Live at Axis Theatre)’ /

Check back tomorrow for more free downloads.

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