Video of the Day: Saint Agnes – Merry Mother of God Go Round

Saint Agnes have been firm favourites at Joyzine HQ ever since we first heard the gothic expanse of spaghetti western single ‘A Beautiful Day for a Murder’ a couple of years ago, and they just seem to get better with every new release.

‘Merry Mother of God Go Round’, which follows the excellent ‘Sister Electric‘, released earlier this year, is a head-shaking, foot-stomping rock out with an enormous stop-start central riff and a great bit of harmonica thrown in alongside Jon Tuffnell & Kitty Arabella Austin’s peerless vocal duo.  It’s out now on Death or Glory Gang Records.

Catch Saint Agnes live at Brighton’s Hope & Ruin on 2nd February and with The Sly Persuaders and Bridport Dagger at Nambucca in London on 24th February.

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