Video of the Day: Co-Pilgrim – Moon Lagoon

We’ve been fans of Co-Pilgrim frontman Mike Gale’s musical output for longer than we care to remember – indeed one of the articles in the first ever issue of Joyzine back in 2003 was an interview with his band Black Nielson.  Since then Gale has mined a seam of sumptuous melancholy, most often under the Co-Pilgrim banner, with new album Moon Lagoon amongst his very finest moments.

Those who are familiar with Gale’s work will be unsurprised to find dreamy Beach Boys harmonies, gently scuffed guitars and subtle hints of Americana, but in this, the title track and first single to be taken from the album, there’s a new sense of child-like excitement and otherworldliness, due in no small part to the infectious enthusiasm of Clare Bennett’s backing vocals.

Moon Lagoon is out now via Farm Music. /

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