Video of the Day: The Spook School – Still Alive

While attending university in Edinburgh, this 4 piece band from Scotland were formed in 2012. The Spook School members include, A.C. Cory and Niall McCamley who met up with brothers Nye and Adam Todd at the university’s comedy society.

A sense of humour and creativeness can be seen though the band’s fun and quirky videos. With two previous great albums Dress  Up released in 2013 and Try To Be Hopeful released in 2015, both albums explore important issues in society in such a formal way through lots of very memorable tunes.

With The Spook School’s newest single ‘Still Alive’ the band has come back better and stronger then before. With music sounding like it could have come from an 80s album such as The Cure or Buzzcocks, and with lyrics which would be great for a sing along with friends on a night out.

The Spook School are a must listen band, and I always get excited to hear anything they have to offer.

Review by Eve Lily Bridle


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