Advent Calendar Day 1 – 24 Days of Free Music Downloads

‘Tis the season once more for The Joyzine Advent Calendar, our 14th year of giving away fantastic free music every day from 1st to 24th December.  There’s no need to hand over your personal details or join a mailing list, it’s our way of saying thank you to everyone who’s visited the site or listened to our radio show over the past twelve months.

As always, we’ve a fantastic line-up for you with a host of Joyzine favourites ready to stuff your stocking with a selection box of exclusive tracks, and kicking things off we have a family affair – Hey You Guys! are no strangers to these pages, and today, as well as providing a brand new track of their own, they’ve also brought the relatives along with tunes from their many and varied side-projects and associates.  We’ll let pater familias Peter Richard Adams make the introductions:

Hey You Guys

It’s been a quiet year for HEY YOU GUYS! However, that hasn’t stopped us from putting in the odd appearance and releasing a new tune or two from the forthcoming long player DIFFICULT SECOND ALBUM.

Here is ‘Supermarkets’ from the new record. A video for this can be found here:

In addition each member has been getting up to some extra curricular activity.

Download ‘Supermarkets’

Benjamin moved to Berlin and started making industrial techno music. No really. Here is ‘Paraiso Tropical’ by Man & Wife.

Download ‘Paraiso Tropical’

David has also been making a terrible racket with Colin from Hundred Reasons. Here is Isle of the Cheetah. There is also a video for this track which can be found here:

Download Isle of The Cheetah

Oliver has been producing popular music videos while also creating a whole batch of new music on the side. Here is ‘Some Say’ by Oliver Edkins.

Download ‘Some Say’

Peter has been busy creating children for the world of tomorrow and writing the odd song along the way. Here is ‘Transistor Radio’ by Peter Richard Adams. There is also a video for this track which can be found here:

Download ‘Transistor Radio’

Happy Christmas everyone!
Photograph by B.At.Gippa


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