Live Review: Saint Agnes at The Hope & Ruin, Brighton

The first time I saw Saint Agnes, it was in a pub live room so dark it was hard to see much at all. Still, they sounded great and it was obvious that there was a huge amount of raw energy tearing around in the shadows.
Happily, the lighting at Brighton’s Hope and Ruin was more favourable as they’re a band well worth seeing as well as hearing. Heading straight into a huge set with their 2016 single ‘Merry Mother of God Go Round’, their sound and visuals wouldn’t be out of place in a High Noon/Pulp Fiction crossover and all four members are compelling to watch. Their frenetic performance is a dream to photograph, only hampered by the fact that you don’t want to miss anything that’s happening by being caught up behind a camera.
Incorporating heavy drums and guitars with keys, harmonica and tambourine, there was no let up in pace. Saint Agnes played for the best part of an hour, switching instruments and positions seamlessly, with Kitty ignoring the stage boundaries to sing from deep in the crowd on several occasions.
Finishing strongly with ‘Sister Electric’ and ‘Diablo, Take Me Home’ they showed once again why their well honed brand of psychedelic rock and blues is not to be missed. The ‘Witching Hour Tour’ is almost complete but keep an ear to the ground for future dates and catch them live whenever you can.

Review & Photography Siobhan O’Driscoll:

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