Single Review: Ho99o9 – Street Power

Ahead of their special ‘4 Nights of Hell’ tour of the UK in May, Ho99o9 release the video to ‘Street Power’, a track off their blistering debut album United States of Horror.

The tour is billed by Yeti Bones as; “Our only headline ceremony in Europe this summer, we’re celebrating the birth of horror & flesh of humanity. This is a very special Deathkult experience, intimate & bloody, 4 nights only in the UK, & only available to a certain number of people. First come, first bleeds, we’re watching. Once the doors are locked, no one enters and no one leaves, Hell begins.”

This brief tour is already sold out. No wonder really. Tickets were just £5 and Ho99o9 are undoubtedly one the most fierce, unpredictable, scary, invigorating and interesting live bands I have ever seen.  Having witnessed them last year supporting The Dillinger Escape Plan on their farewell tour, Ho99o9 are an absolute force to be reckoned with and their genre defining music is a joy and revelation to listen to.

Anyway, back to the track and video. ‘Street Power’ was directed by Philippa Price, who has worked with a whole host of artists including Rihanna, Pharrell and St. Vincent.  The video is a fast cut montage of black and white clips of baptisms, violence and assorted depictions of pigs. Ho99o9’s own OGM and Yeti Bones appear throughout seemingly trussed upside down from rafters and/or leering into the camera covered in paint. The visuals are violent, visceral and horrifying and feature stock footage of police and army personnel in formation with weapons held aloft. Bombs drop whilst Ho99o9 scream into the face of pigs. It’s emotive, powerful and full of criticism for current political situations.

The track itself is built around a simple sample that reminds one of John Carpenter’s Halloween theme which already puts one on edge. Combined with this is their seamless blend of hip hop, dance, electronica and hardcore punk that melds together to create a monster that Ho99o9 seem barely able to contain.

There are stop-start vocals. Stop-start break beats and hip-hop. Stop-start hardcore punk. The whole track is an absolute whirlwind of noise, aggression, guitars, drums and a fucking banging tune that will get circle pits moving and bodies flying.

Ho99o9 are an absolute spectacle to watch live and this release is as much of a spectacle as their shows. An important and original band. Enjoy them while you can. They are just brilliant and an inspiration.

Review by Ioan Humphreys

Ho99o9 will be appearing at select European and UK Festivals this summer.

24/05 Exchange – Bristol – Sold out
25/05 Brudenell Social Club – Leeds – Sold out
26/05 Soup Kitchen – Manchester – Sold out
27/05 Lexington – London – Sold out

15/06 Marsattac Festival, Marseille – France
23/06 Hellfest – France
30/06 Fusion Festival – Germany
04/07 Rock For People – Czech Republic
13/07 2000Trees Festival – UK
14/07 Dour Festival – Belgium
18/08 Lowlands Festival – the Netherlands
9-12/08 Boomtown Fair – UK

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