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Having launched it at our recent Joyfest shows, our 15 year retrospective album Joyzine:15 is now available online via Bandcamp.

Featuring a selection of our favourite bands to have featured on Joyzine over the past decade and a half, the album is available as a digital download accompanied by a stunning art postcard in one of four designs, each by an artist who has a longstanding involvement with the site.

The album with your choice of postcard design is priced at £7 + p&p, though a deluxe package featuring all four postcards is available for just £8.  A digital download without the artwork is £6.  All profits from the album will be donated to Parkinson’s UK.

Here is our guide to the artists who feature on the release – check back soon for a full run-down of the bands:

The Artwork

My gift to You scaled
My Gift to You by Joni Belaruski

Joni Belaruski – My Gift To You

We first came across London based, Northern Irish born artist Joni Belaruski’s work at a joint exhibition with musician & artist Lupen Crook at Kentish Town hairdressing slon/art gallery Flaxon Ptootch.  We were immediately drawn to her detailed and stylised figures, that dripped with gruesome trails of black and red ink.

Since then we’ve featured a short film centred on her creation of a mural and welcomed her band, The Great Malarkey, as guests on The Joyzine Radio Show (check out the podcast here).

Russell Taysom – Two for Joy(zine)

Two for Joy(zine) by Russell Taysom

Since penning a few designs for Joyzine back in 2012, Russell Taysom’s grotesque, muscle-bound, cartoon-inspired designs have gone on to adorn the pages of national magazines, record sleeves and even the windows of Topman’s flagship Oxford Street store.

Joyzine regulars will most likely recognise his style from the posters he created for the consistently excellent Fluffer Pit Party shows.

‘Two for Joy(zine)’ was created exclusively for this release.

Steven Horry – Joy

We’ve worked with Steven Horry in so many guises over the years that I’ve lost count.  He features on the album with his band 586, fronted
The 18 Carat Love Affair, promoted ace Britpop night Nuis@nce, and is currently preparing to support Suede in Berlin in his current musical partnership with Mark Fernyhough.

joy v2 scaled
Joy by Steven Horry

Alongside his musical endeavours Steve is an illustrator and has released a number of comic books, including schoolboy super-power caper Double D with Art Brut frontman Eddie Argos, and current project Lizard Men, in which a rockstar becomes Prime Minister, only to discover that the world is in fact being run by shape-shifting lizards.

‘Joy’ was created exclusively for this release.


Electricity by Gavin Kinch

Gavin Kinch – Electricity

Croydon has a special place in our hearts here at Joyzine, with the much maligned town having been our home for almost a decade.

One man who’s been celebrating its unique blend of architecture, from its well-known concrete brutalist blocks to the less celebrated likes of the Victorian clocktower depicted in this piece is Gavin Kinch.  Re-imagining Croydon as the setting for a retro sci-fi adventure, the works available on his Town That Love Built site will help you to see the South London borough in a different light entirely.

Word by Paul Maps

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