Video of the Day: Hot Sauce Pony – What You Don’t Know

It’s been a disturbing week of delving into the dark psyches of our favourite South London bands, what with Frauds’ kinking it up in gimp masks and adult nappies in our previous VotD and now seemingly loveable Brixton quartet Hot Sauce Pony revealing themselves as surrealist kidnappers with appalling table manners in their latest clip.  Indeed it’s got so bad that Paul Maps has developed a strange nervous twitch every time someone invites him to catch a new local band at The Windmill.

Shattered illusions of respectability aside, Hot Sauce Pony’s new single ‘What You Don’t Know’, the latest to be sliced from their forthcoming Albini produced debut album, is something of a belter.  Propelled along by a deliciously squelchy bassline, crunching guitars and combative girl-boy vocals, it picks up the baton of previous single ‘Burnt Ends’ in taking the band down a grubbier, heavier road than the bitter-sweet indie pop charms of debut track ‘Fenced In’.

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