The Joyzine Advent Calendar 2018 #1: 24 Days of Free Music Downloads

Yes it’s back – the original (as far as we’ve been able to ascertain at least) free music download calendar, bringing you festive fancies and exciting exclusives from our favourite bands for 15 years straight.

We’ve got a fantastic array of gifts from our musical secret Santas this year, from old friends to new discoveries, and we’re going to kick things off with someone who has featured on as many previous calendars as anyone that we can think of.


A band imbued with the spirit of the season to such an extent that mulled wine flows through their veins, MJ Hibbett & The Validators have been cranking out Christmas classics for so many years now that they’ve been able to compile a 20 track Christmas Selection Box album, which will be available online from 3rd December.

This year’s festive offering comes in the form of primary school Christmas production classic ‘Silent Night’, which comes with added jazz kazoo but sadly lacks a small child with a tea-towel on his head picking his nose onstage as a wise man struggles to pronounce the word ‘Frankincense’.

Download ‘Silent Night’ (right click to save file)

Catch MJ Hibbett at the following shows in December and the new year:

Thursday 6 December 2018: The King & Queen, London – Totally Acoustic
Wednesday 20 February 2019: The Globe, Leicester
Thursday 28 February 2019: The Green Room, Sheffield
Thursday 7 March 2019: Gullivers, Manchester
Thursday 14 March 2019: New Bristol Brewery, Bristol

Check back every day until Christmas Eve for more festive treats.


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