Video Premiere: Salad – The Selfishness of Love

With it’s relative scarcity, indeed near extinction, these days it’s hard to imagine that there was a time, not so very long ago, that indie guitar music ruled the charts.  For all its faults, and there were many, it’s hard for ladies and gentlemen of a particular age not to look back at the bands of the mid-nineties through our round, pink-lensed glasses with misty eyes and feel a wistful glow spread up from the soles of our Adidas Gazelles.

There have of course been plenty of bands slogging the nostalgia circuit ever since, but few have released any new music worth getting excited about.  Enter Salad, not perhaps the biggest name of the Britpop era (though their 1995 debut album Drink Me made the top 20), but they always had a playful, devilish spirit that stood them out from their peers and back with a new line-up for their release in more than 20 years, its that spirit which sets them apart from the dad-rock retreads and diluted regurgitations of former glories that most 90s reunions have thrown up.

Kicking off with a grungey intro riff and disco drumbeat before Marijne van der Vlugt’s instantly recognisable vocals slink in, ‘The Selfishness of Love’ pulls off the delicate balancing act of harking back to the band’s original sound whilst remaining fresh and relevant with aplomb.


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