Single Review: Grim Streaker – A.D.D.

The spirit of Kurt Cobain is alive and well in the visceral sounds of Grim Streaker. The chaotic beauty he worked so thoroughly to create has been channelled here in the powerful new single ‘A.D.D.’, which tears out of the speakers at speed, demanding nothing other than your undivided attention.

I think we can all empathise with the feeling of not being able to ‘think straight’ when that particular person shows their face. It’s not a pleasant one, though it’s an expected part of life in many ways. Often we must face those we’d rather not know head on and confront their flaws. Grim Streaker take this very common experience and turn it into a sweet little two-minute number, effectively the amount of time most of us can remain patient in the presence of some great annoyance.

Hailing from Brooklyn, the band are set to release their debut LP, entitled No Vision in May. If this track is anything to go by, it’s set to be a powerful statement from a band known for their electric live shows.

Review by Alexander Sarychkin:

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