The Rock Mock Election: David Devant & His Spirit Wife Want Your Vote

With only a month to go untile the nation heads to the polls and with accusations of impropriety, incompetence and deceit flying about willy-nilly, we thought we’d see if the UK’s indie bands could do any better than the politicians vying for your vote, so we’ve asked a few of our favourites to put together their own party manifestos.

First up is The Vessel, frontman of cult glam pop art rock favourites David Devant & His Spirit Wife.

Party Name: The Kindness Party

Party Logo: Spirit wife levitating her husband


Campaign Slogan: All done by kindness

Why should people vote for you? We aim to return kindness to a creative decision making process.

What is your policy on…
Brexit: We will remain in Europe to promote caring and expanded consciousness in social relations.

The Environment: A caring collective is kind to the environment. Our economic policy will spread resources and promote an approach of technological innovation, valuing lateral thinking in digital and analogue approaches.

Health: We will promote an aesthetic approach to well/being making hospitals and surgeries feel like places to become well.  This will be funded by sensibly high taxes of all pharma and private health companies who will become publicly owned by the end of our first term.

Crime: We will fund an educational program for an expanded police force including song writing workshops and regular group therapy sessions. The highest earners in the arts will give ninety percent of their profits to fund this.

Education: We will abolish private education and fund a programme of innovative and progressive education through cutting all funding to the royalty, the immediate family of whom can remain as figures of festive fun and national jollity.

David Devant & His Spirit Wife play The Water Rats in Kings Cross on Wednesday 11th December – get your tickets, priced £16 + booking fee, here.  Join the Devant Facebook Group for updates or find them on Twitter @HisSpiritWife


Sadly you won’t be able to put your tick next to David David & His Spirit Wife’s Kindness Party in the General Election, but you should still register to vote if you haven’t already – follow this link to get started.


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