Single Review: Otoboke Beaver – yobantoite mojo (Don’t Call Me Mojo)

‘Don’t call me Mojo’ is the new single from Kyoto’s Otoboke Beaver. Released on October 25th 2019 on Damnably Records, the single was recorded, mixed & mastered with Ippei Suda at LM Studio in Osaka, Japan. The song made it’s official debut at midnight on October 24th, as the opening theme to Kansai TV’s drama series Susumu Inomata and 8 Mojo, a comedy starring Sae Okazaki and comedian Morita Tetsuya. In the band’s own words: “This song was commissioned as the opening theme for a drama on KTV, starring Tetsuya Morita from SARABA SEISHUN NO HIKARI, of whom Accorinrin is a big fan!

“‘Mojo’ is internet slang for a woman who is not popular with men. So, Acco wrote this song, “yobantoite mojo” (Don’t call me mojo). We are not alive to gain man’s popularity! Who can determine “a woman who is not popular”?! A woman who is “not popular” also lives strong! Listen to your heart! This is our message to Susumu Inomata, one of the main character of this drama.”

The track itself is a 1.40 of the most noisy, disjointed, chaotic, Japanese, punk rock perfection you will hear this week. The stop start noise bursts invoke comparisons of Melt Banana, yet the sum of its parts is far more than such easy/lazy comparisons. Otoboke Beaver are a band in their own right and have honed their craft and inimitable style and sound over the last few years. I’ve been a fan and have covered them quite extensively since their inception and this is no small part down to their record label Damnably. ‘Don’t call me Mojo’ is brilliant fun and is a collection of ferocious slices of spiky Japanese noisy punk rock blasts. Just bloody perfect to be brutally honest. I love Otoboke Beaver!

Damnably will also be releasing the single as a special limited edition 5” record.

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